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An Overnight Performing Arts & Musical Theater Camp
Announcing our 2018 Summer Date!
June 24th-30th!
Galena Forest
Click here to sign up for Summer 2018!
We understand that homesickness can often occur with our young campers.  Camp Star Bound Staff has a compassionate and practical approach to nurture the homesick camper, and turn the experience into an opportunity to improve self-confidence and self-reliance.  

What can you as a parent do to help get your son or daughter ready for camp?
1.  Discuss any general or specific concerns they may have.
2.  Encourage your son or daughter to develop coping abilities.
3.  Don't undermine their confidence by making early pick up deals. 
4.  Arrange practice times away from home prior to Camp.
5.  Focus on the fun he or she will have.
6.  Let your child know his or her place at home is secure and that they can feel free to enjoy themselves while at Camp.
7.  At drop off time, keep your goodbyes short.  This will show them that you have confidence in their coping abilities.

Check out these links for additional tips: (this is the American Camp Association site)

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