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An Overnight Performing Arts & Musical Theater Camp
Announcing our 2018 Summer Date!
June 24th-30th!
Galena Forest
Click here to sign up for Summer 2018!
Where is Camp Star Bound located?
Camp Star Bound is located at beautiful Galena Creek Forrest, approximately 20 minutes from Reno/Tahoe, and 2 hours from Sacramento, California. Please see the camp map for more details.

Where do campers come from?
Most of our campers come from the Reno/Sparks and Sacramento areas. We also have campers that come Southern Nevada and Southern California.  Some campers even come from other other parts of the country.

How old do campers have to be to attend Camp Star Bound?
Campers must be be going into 5th-12th grades to attend camp.

Is transportation provided?
No, due to the close proximity to Reno, transportation is not provided.

What is the counselor to camper ratio?
Our overall ratio is 1:10. We provide supervision by an excellent Camp Star Bound staff of approximately 10 counselors.

What are the ages of the counselors?
The minimum age is 18 but the majority of our counselors are in their early twenties.  

How many campers stay in a cabin – do the counselors stay in the same cabin?
Campers will be staying in a main lodge that has 12 bunk rooms, six on two floors.  Each bunk room holds 8 campers.  We group campers by age and gender.  There I  counselor in each cabin. 

​What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Please see the attached document.

How many boys and girls attend camp each session?
Between 60-80 boys and girls will attend Camp Star Bound.  If the minimum number of campers do not sign up, we reserve the right to cancel camp at any time.

Can my son or daughter request to share a cabin with her friend?
If your son/daughter has one or two friends of the same age, gender and grade whom he/she would like to have as bunk mates, we will gladly consider your request. We want each child to have a positive experience at camp and do not want new campers to feel isolated.  

Where are the bathrooms?
Indoor bathrooms and showers are located throughout the lodge.  The bathrooms contain showers with plenty of hot water, sinks and modern plumbing. 

Does my son or daughter need special shoes or clothing for camp?
Yes, please check the Packing List link on the "Parents" page.  Your camper will need the proper footwear if they're planning on taking certain dance classes such as jazz and tap shoes.

What is the Camp Showcase and do I need to attend?
The Camp Showcase is a high energy song and dance show, including costumes and music.  For those campers interested in just acting, they will have the opportunity to put on a skit with a group.   For those campers only interested in playing their musical instrument, they would also be able to do so with a group.  We highly encourage parents and family to attend.  This is where your camper will get to show off everything they've learned during Camp.  After the performance, we would love you and your family and guests to join us for a farewell reception before you depart.

Are private lessons available?
Yes. Private lessons are available at a cost of $25 per lesson.  Lessons are 30-45 minutes long and are taught by one of Camp Star Bound's instructors.  Private lessons are available for Jazz, Ballet, Vocal, Hip Hop, Theater, Tap,  and Lyrical/Contemporary.  To book a private lesson click here.  We encourage you to sign up soon because lessons fill up quickly!

Will my son or daughter be going off site for any activities?
We're working on an afternoon trip to Lake Tahoe to go swimming. Otherwise, there's no reason for us to go off site.

How do we pack for camp?
Packing lists for camp are available on our website under the Parents page.

Can my son or daughter bring her cell phone?
No, cell phones are not allowed.  We want campers to have the full camp life experience and unplug for the week! We'll discuss this further at orientation.

My son or daughter takes medication – can they keep it in their cabin?
For the safety of all campers, no medications are kept in the cabins, with the exception of self-administered emergency medication such as epipens. All other medications must be kept in the infirmary and are dispensed by our camp nurse. Any medications should be brought to camp in the original container. You will have a chance to meet and talk with our nurse on Opening Day.

Are there any religious services?
No, we do not hold religious services.

Do you have a visiting day during camp?
We do not have a visiting day.  Family and friends are invited to our Showcase on the final day of camp.

What is the weather like?
During the day, the average temperature ranges between 80-90 degrees. The evenings are refreshingly cool.

What is the food like?
The food is AMAZING! This is not your typical camp food!  We serve healthy food that kids like. Excellent meals are prepared in the kitchen by experienced cooks. Fresh fruits, vegetables and quality ingredients are used to prepare well balanced meals.

Camp Star Bound
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