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An Overnight Performing Arts & Musical Theater Camp
Announcing our 2018 Summer Date!
June 24th-30th!
Galena Forest
Click here to sign up for Summer 2018!
Arrival time is between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Parent/Camper orientation will begin at 5:30pm. Dinner for campers will be served at 6:00pm. Please try to arrive with plenty of time to allow your camper to participate in those activities without feeling rushed.

Please use the following link. Link to Map.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our counselors at the gate who will direct you to the registration table.  You will then sign your camper in and they will receive a name badge, water bottle and a camper t-shirt (and sweatshirt/tank top if ordered).  Please have your camper write their name on all of these items at this time. They will also get their cabin assignments during check-in.

During check-in, we will confirm that we have received all of your camper’s paperwork. We should already have all of your medical forms, as all paperwork is due no later than June 17th, 2018. If your camper has medication, please see our nurse to speak with her and turn in medication to her at this time.  Campers are not allowed to keep their medications in their cabins. All medications must be in their original containers and given to the nurse.  Please feel free to ask any questions at this time.

After you have completed registration, one of our counselors will escort you and your camper to your assigned cabin. Once you arrive at your camper's cabin, you will have an opportunity to meet their counselor and help them get settled in. Once your camper is settled into their cabin, you can return to the registration table if you have any final questions or hold your questions until orientation. 

If your camper consumes a significant amount of caffeine (i.e. Starbucks, caffeinated soda or energy
drinks), please try to gradually reduce their consumption prior to camp. It has been noted that some campers experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms the first few days of camp. This is especially true due to our higher elevations.

Please do not bring any food to camp. We do not allow campers to keep food in the cabins. We do not want any unwelcome critters bunking with your camper.  Campers will get three well-balanced meals a day, as well as an afternoon snack.  We encourage campers to drink as much water as possible because we are at a higher elevation and will be working hard everyday.

Camp Star Bound
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